Welcome to Trinchard & Trinchard, LLC

In 1993, founding members, Clare W. Trinchard and James L. Trinchard, combined their law practices and years of litigaiion experience to form the foundation of Trinchard & Trinchard. The founding members have combined their 60 plus years of legal experience to the continued dedication and commitment to provide the highest quality of legal services to their clients ever mindful of the economic reality of same.

Trinchard & Trinchard has been very successful in acquiring and, more importantly, maintaining client relationships, many of which have been established for twenty years and more. The reason we have been able to maintain these long-term relationships is due to the responsive and personal nature of our legal services. In addition to the typical attorney-client services, Trinchard and Trinchard provides additional proactive client assistance. We have assisted in loss prevention by conducting seminars and implementing safety procedures for our clients as well as developing claims reporting procedures. In addition, for our transportation clients, we provide rapid response services for serious injury and death cases; no matter what time of night or day: the dispatcher and adjuster having available our personal contact information. We investigate onsite and evaluate liability immediately, as well providing legal services to the driver during the police investigation, and, if necessary, the retention of criminal defense counsel should the driver be arrested. We also make ourselves available to our clients by providing legal advice and services, without cost to our clients in pre-assigned litigation matters, including assessment of liability, evaluation of claims and facilitation of settlement.